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Q: What do you wear?
A: We use the rule: "Dress as well as the guests." Too many DJs arrive at weddings looking like they were just working in their yards. Expect us to arrive dressed appropriately for a wedding or a formal dance. If you're having a theme event, be sure to let us know how you'd like us to dress so that we can match your guests' attire.

Q: Can we pick the music for our event?

A: Absolutely! We certainly welcome any requests you may have. However, you have more important things to do for your wedding than coming up with a song-by-song playlist for an entire reception--that's our job!

Your DJ will be able to gauge how the event is going and what kinds of songs your guests are responding to the best, then tailor the playlist accordingly in real-time. It's very difficult to know ahead of time how some of your favorite songs will be received by the many different groups and tastes attending your reception, so it's best to stay flexible and have a lot of options.

Q: What kind of equipment do you have?

A: Our commercial grade systems provide crisp, professional sound and versatile lighting that can be adjusted to meet the demands of virtually any venue. Please try to leave a 12' by 6' deep space for us to work in.

Q: Can you provide sound for my ceremony?

A: Yes. We have a smaller, mobile unit perfectly suited for outdoor and non-traditional ceremony locations without their own sound systems. We can provide microphones for officiants and readers, as well as sound equipment for a limited number of live musicians. To discuss your particular ceremony needs, please call or email us.

Remember, most weddings include at least three generations of guests. We want to have a little something for everyone. While there are many songs you may like listening to while on a road trip or hanging out with friends, try to imagine how those songs will translate to the dance floor. Often times those songs are better suited for cocktail/dinner music.

We encourage you to provide us with a list of roughly a dozen songs that you feel would be good for dancing and that represent you. We will use this list as a guide to help us build you the perfect party.

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